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DSS: Key Things about Brand & Logo Creation

DSS: Key Things about Brand & Logo Creation

Brands are the face of the business — the first impression, and creating a strong and effective brand that speaks to your business’ messaging and values can come easy when connecting with Community Future’s free program, Digital Service Squad (DSS).

Taylor Hardekopf, from Community Futures Entre-Corp, and Grace Evans, from Community Futures Chinook, are the Digital Service Squad experts who have already designed brands and logos for local businesses in the area.

Branding is the company's first introduction with the customer. Any successful branding should tell a story. It’s identifying the personality of your brand and finding creative elements that portray your mission statement,” says Evans, who designed brands for Evanson Therapy.

The logo and the branding is what people remember — right down to the name, colour scheme, logo design, and font selection — all of it is imperative when you’re choosing what to use for branding,” says Hardekopf. “Your brand needs to help you stand out in a competitive marketplace, and we can help you succeed in that.

A big question businesses can start with asking themselves is ‘what’s the overall perception I want to leave people with’. Thinking more in depth of the story behind their brand and the overall goal the business would like to achieve.

Something like colour can immediately shape an entire perception of what your business stands for. There are brands out there who use specific colours that portray different energies. Do you want to bring playfulness, warmth, or vibrancy? These are key details to think about when creating your brand and logo,” says Hardekopf.

At the end of the day, don’t focus on creating something that will be known and recognized by everyone — focus on creating a brand that’s simple and connects to your message, offering and goals, and you’ll have a successful brand,” says Evans.

Whether you have a brand and logo that’s ready for design, or in the process of creating them, Digital Service Squad experts Hardekopf and Evans are ready to support you in achieving this for FREE through the Digital Service Squad program.

Grace Evans, Digital Service Squad Contact:
Community Futures Chinook
5324 48 Avenue, Taber, Alberta
Monday-Friday 8:30a.m.-12p.m., 1-4:30p.m.

Taylor Hardekopf, Digital Service Squad Contact
Community Futures Entre-Corp
556 4 Street SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Monday-Friday 8:30a.m.-12p.m., 1-4:30p.m.

Digital Service Squad is funded through Digital Main Street. Digital Main Street was created by the City of Toronto and the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas in 2016 to assist main street businesses in growing their operations through technology with easy to use tools and resources. Digital Main Street has partnered with Community Futures Chinook and Community Futures Entre-Corp to offer the Digital Service Squad Program.

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